CBO Pierce O’Neil to Depart USTA

January 8, 2010

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — Pierce O’Neil, Chief Business Officer of the USTA announced today that he is moving on from his role at the USTA after 15 years of generating record revenue growth for the USTA and US Open.

O’Neil, former Senior Vice President at IMG and Associate Producer/Director at CBS Sports joined the USTA in 1995 prior to the construction of Arthur Ashe Stadium and the expansion of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. From that point forward, O’Neil successfully leveraged the platform of the new stadium and facility to grow the US Open into one of the most successful and profitable sports and entertainment events in the world. During O’Neil’s tenure he signed over $1.0 billion in business for the Association and USTA/US Open annual revenues more than doubled to over $255 million in 2009. Of particular note, O’Neil is credited with growing USTA/US Open annual sponsorship revenues from $14 million in 1994 to over $60 million in 2009. O’Neil also led negotiations that resulted in the largest television agreements in the history of the sport.

O’Neil also oversaw all USTA/US Open television productions and operations. Over 33,000 hours of US Open television coverage were broadcast in over 180 countries around the world in 2009. O’Neil built the USTA’s Advanced Media department that generated over one billion page views on USTA websites and streamed over 157 matches live in high definition in 2009.

Prior to becoming Chief Business Officer at the USTA, O’Neil served as the Association’s Chief Marketing Officer. In that role, O’Neil created award winning advertising campaigns, special events such as Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day, PR initiatives and grass root programs that contributed to significant growth in tennis participation throughout America.

“It has been an extremely rewarding 15 years”, said O’Neil. “I have had the pleasure of working with a great team of people at the USTA and on one of the biggest and most exciting events in the world. In particular, I have had the privilege to work with many exceptional people at our client organizations – many of whom have gone from being important business partners to valued personal friends.”

“Pierce has been a tremendous asset to the USTA over the last fifteen years” said Lucy Garvin, Chairman and President of the USTA. “His leadership, vision, creativity and skills have benefited the USTA in so many ways. Pierce has been instrumental in growing the USTA’s revenues to unprecedented levels and in growing the US Open into one of the most successful sports and entertainment events in the world. Thanks, in significant part to Pierce, the USTA is in a very strong financial position. We are grateful to Pierce for his dedication, service, and contributions. We wish him the very best in his future endeavourers.”

“It has been a pleasure to work closely with Pierce over my two years as Executive Director of the USTA.” said Gordon Smith, USTA Executive Director & COO. “In perhaps the worst economy in history, Pierce was largely responsible for the USTA having the second most successful US Open ever in 2009. For that, as well as for all the other contributions Pierce has made while at the USTA over the last fifteen years, I and the entire Association are very grateful. Pierce should feel a great sense of pride in all that he has accomplished while at the USTA.”