Prince updates two popular racquets for 2010

January 8, 2010

Bordentown, NJ — Prince, the global tennis leader that catapulted racquet design and performance to new heights by introducing the world to O-technology in racquets, announces the next generation of two of tennis’ most popular racquets. Starting January 18th, the new Prince EXO3 Black and Prince EXO3 White will hit shelves in the United States. All racquets with EXO3 technology are unmistakable, due to the fact that they feature visible “holes” along the frame which fundamentally enhance the way tennis racquets are crafted and perform on court from a speed, stability and feel standpoint.

“The introduction of these two new models is significant given the vast, global popularity of their preceding versions and the fact that their weight and balance appeal to the largest population of the playing market – meaning more players can now take advantage of, and own, an EXO3 racquet,” said Tyler Herring, Global Product Manager for Performance Racquets at Prince. “The EXO3 Black and EXO3 White sit next to each other in our performance line but incorporate two distinct versions of EXO3 technology to define their differences.”

The EXO3 Black features the EnergyChannelTM while the EXO3 White features the EnergyBridgeTM. The EnergyChannelTM, a sculpted groove and inlayed insert incorporated around the frame, provides a crisper feel with more feedback for players who are most interested in control. The EnergyBridgeTM, a compressed carbon insert that suspends the string bed from the frame, delivers a cushioned, plush feel for players who want a maximum sweet spot in a more power-oriented, ultra-comfortable frame.

Fans will see ATP and WTA Tour support of the EXO3 Black beginning just prior to the 2010 Australian Open with a number of top touring pros, including three-time Grand Slam Champion, Maria Sharapova, switching to the new racquet.

Prince will also introduce the EXO3 Black Team — for players looking for a slightly lighter, more maneuverable version of the EXO3 Black. All new models were crafted by Prince’s engineering team to retain and enhance the positive qualities that players have come to expect and appreciate from the Black and White racquet franchises.

Players can log on to starting January 6 to learn more about the EXO3 Black, EXO3 Black Team and EXO3 White and use the online racquet selector to understand which EXO3model is best suited for their game.


EXO3 Black (side frame view) featuring the EnergyChannelTM construction found in the Tour Series of Racquets.


EXO3 White (side frame view) featuring the EnergyBridgeTM construction found in the Thunder Series of racquets.

Racquet Specs: