Völkl Hires Edoardo Artaldi

January 19, 2010

SAN DIEGO, Calif.— Klip America, the worldwide licensee for Völkl Tennis, today announced the hiring of Edoardo Artaldi as Global Tour Manager for the Völkl brand. Citing the need to expand the visibility of the brand on the ATP and WTA tour, Klip America commits a significant amount of their marketing dollars to promote the brand on tour.

“We have a need to make our brand more visible on Tour and at retail”

Mr. Artaldi, based in Milan, Italy, has a wealth of experience both in tennis and on tour. He played on the ATP Tour for eight years and reached a ranking in the top 150 in the world. After the tour, he worked for Sergio Tacchini on the player promotions and marketing side for tennis, golf and ski. He then moved to Lotto SpA, where he expanded his experience from tennis to soccer, basketball, volleyball and rugby marketing, events, team management and player management. In addition to his new role as Völkl Tour Manager, Artaldi is also the Global Tour Manager for Sergio Tacchini.

At present, approximately 15 ATP and WTA Tour players are play testing Völkl products, with hopes of finalizing agreements during the first quarter of 2010. “We have a need to make our brand more visible on Tour and at retail,” said Sean Frost, Managing Director of Klip America. “Since taking over the license for Völkl Tennis, we have re-started the business and getting back on Tour will help us take the first step,” continued Frost.

Völkl is building a small, elite team of pros who fit the image of Völkl tennis – premium, technical, true sportsman and players who give back to the game and their communities. Klip plans to add between 10 – 15 ATP / WTA players in 2010 and grow the number of ITF juniors playing with Völkl, as well.

About Völkl Tennis

Völkl is one of the world’s leading Ski brands and has been manufacturing tennis rackets since 1972. Founded on German High Tech engineering, Völkl products consistently earn top awards for technology and playability. Völkl tennis products include high performance tennis rackets, strings, bags, grips and other equipment. Völkl products are available worldwide in over 30 countries. Klip America is the global licensee for Völkl tennis.