USPTA Announces 2010 Tournament Schedule

February 3, 2010

The United States Professional Tennis Association announces its 2010 National Surface Championship Series, offering its members the chance to earn prize money and ranking points. This series kicks off with the USPTA Indoor Championships April 23-25 presented by the USPTA Northern Division.

The prize money for the Indoor Championships, which are held at Lakeville Lifetime Fitness in Lakeville, Minn., is $5,000. The tournament will feature events in the following categories: men’s and women’s open singles and doubles competition, men’s and women’s 45 singles and doubles competition, men’s 35 singles, men’s 55 singles and doubles, and mixed open and 45 doubles categories.

“We look forward to the continued success of these surface tournaments and are pleased to add value to the USPTA membership by giving members the opportunity to compete on the courts,” said Chuck Gill, USPTA national vice president and chairman of the Tournament Committee. “The 2010 surface championship series and International Championships feature more than $55,000, making it the largest prize-money circuit exclusively for tennis-teaching professionals.”

The tournaments are open to Professional-level USPTA members in good standing. For additional information, please contact the USPTA at 800-USPTA-4U. USPTA Professionals may log in to the “members only” section of the USPTA Web site at for more information.

2010 USPTA National Surface Championship Series schedule: