World’s Greatest Squash Players at Westchester CC

February 11, 2010

RYE, N.Y. — A group of eight professional squash players that have combined to win 29 National Championships in countries around the globe will descend upon Westchester Country Club from March 1 to 4 for the inaugural Westchester Invitational.

Hosted by the US Pro Squash Tour, the Westchester Invitational brings together the world’s greatest squash players for the tour’s first event of 2010. With only 129 seats available at the Westchester Country Club, the Westchester Invitational gives area squash enthusiasts an opportunity to see the sport’s greatest players compete in the most intimate of settings.

“For the region’s squash fans, the Westchester Invitational will offer an unprecedented experience,” said Joseph McManus, chief executive of US Pro Squash Tour. “The tournament is headlined by World No. 2 and two-time British National Champion Nick Matthew, but he will face an elite draw that includes three recent World No. 1 ranked players, as well as the world record holder for hardest forehand shot. In addition, every ticket is a premium ticket with personal access to the players during a post-match reception.”

The full list of champions that will take part in the Westchester Invitational includes:

Nick Matthew — World No. 2; two-time and reigning British Open Champion; two-time and reigning England National Champion

David Palmer — World No 8; two-time World No. 1; Australian National Champion

Thierry Lincou — World No. 9; former World No. 1; 12-time France National Champion

Wael El Hindi — World No. 10; 2008 Egyptian National Champion

John White — Former World No. 1; World record holder for Fastest Squash Shot; former Scotland National Champion

Julian Illingworth — five-time and reigning U.S. National Champion

Liam Kenny — six-time and reigning Ireland National Champion

Bernardo Samper — two-time Colombia National Champion

The draw for the first round (quarterfinals) is as follows:

On Monday, March 1 at 6:45 p.m. Wael El Hindi will face John White in Match No. 1. In Match No. 2, Nick Matthew will face Bernardo Samper.

On Tuesday, March 2 at 6:45 p.m., David Palmer will face Liam Kenny in Match No. 3. In Match No. 4, Julian Illingworth will face Thierry Lincou.

“I am looking forward to getting on court with this elite draw of champions,” Palmer said. “We have some longstanding rivalries and it would be a great honor to win a tournament with this elite draw.”

Tickets can be purchased for $70 through $200 by visiting Each ticket includes admission to two matches and an invitation to the post-match reception.

On March 1 and 2, from 4 to 6 p.m., US Pro Squash Tour will host amateur player squash clinics at the Westchester Country Club, Apawamis Club and Club at 800. Designed for young amateurs, these clinics will present a rare opportunity for local players to get on court with the world’s best. Interested individuals can register by contacting Joe McManus at [email protected] or 617-513-6800.

At, you can also find a full schedule of US Pro Squash Tour events, including upcoming tournaments in New York City, Rochester, Philadelphia, New England and California.

US Pro Squash Tour’s large schedule of events is a testament to the growing interest in squash throughout the United States. More than 150 years old and played by more than 20 million people in 175 countries, squash has shown sustained growth in the U.S. in recent years.

“One of the most popular sports around the globe, the number of Americans playing squash has grown significantly in recent years, particularly in Westchester County (N.Y), Fairfield County (Conn.) and Northern New Jersey,” said McManus. “The sport is getting especially popular among the region’s youth, and it’s no longer being viewed as a game that’s only played at country clubs.”

Companies or individuals interested in sponsoring the Westchester Invitational, can contact US Pro Squash Tour at 617-513-6800 or [email protected].

“In addition to serving as a fun and exciting event for fans of squash, the Westchester Invitational presents an excellent opportunity for potential sponsors that are interested in reaching an affluent demographic,” said McManus.

Westchester Country Club is located at 99 Biltmore Avenue in Rye, N.Y.