KFC to Help Pros ‘Get a Grip’ on Their Game

March 4, 2010

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — To showcase the unique product packaging of the new Boneless Filet Box meal, KFC announced sports-marketing endorsements with athletes who know the importance of having a good grip. Philadelphia wide receiver Jason Avant, professional golfer J.B. Holmes and 2009 NCAA Champion and rising tennis star Devin Britton all teamed with KFC to test new branded athletic grips in each of their respective sports.

“Our new Boneless Filet Box meal features unique product packaging that makes it easy for KFC fans to ‘get a grip’ on a tasty boneless filet of the Colonel’s Original Recipe®”

“Our new Boneless Filet Box meal features unique product packaging that makes it easy for KFC fans to ‘get a grip’ on a tasty boneless filet of the Colonel’s Original Recipe®,” said Javier Benito, executive vice president of marketing and food innovation for KFC. “We’re always looking for outside-the-bucket campaigns that place KFC at the forefront of marketing trends, and with the new Boneless Filet Box meal we couldn’t resist reaching out to professional athletes to help deliver the message that consumers can ‘get a grip’ on a meatier way to eat chicken.”

KFC Recruits Athletes to “Get a Grip” with KFC-Branded Sports Equipment

Avant, Holmes, and Britton have inked deals with KFC to become the first-ever “Get a Grip” testers for the brand’s latest marketing endeavor — branded athletic grips.

“Everyone knows that getting a grip on the football is important, but it is also important when it comes to eating chicken,” said Avant, who relies on his grip to make plays each Sunday. “I’m looking forward to trying out both the new KFC Boneless Filet Box and KFC-branded wide receiver gloves this off-season.”

As part of the marketing relationship with KFC, each athlete will receive a year’s supply of free Boneless Filet Box meals in exchange for their expertise in testing the branded KFC grips.

“I’m always looking for game-changing ways to improve my performance on the course,” said Holmes, two-time tournament champion and one of the longest drivers in professional golf. “That’s why I’m thrilled to partner with KFC to launch the new Boneless Filet — a game-changer in its own right when it comes to eating chicken.”

“I’m excited that KFC has reached out to me to help test its new tennis grip,” said Britton, who will try to serve up an ace and use a KFC-branded tennis grip as part of his first non-tennis corporate sponsorship deal. “This sponsorship will help me as I get a grip on life as a professional athlete.”

First Logo Visible From Space, Then Potholes and Fire Hydrants, Now Athletic Grips

KFC began its foray into unique advertising campaigns in 2006 when it unveiled a newly re-designed logo so big it could be seen from space. In 2009, KFC branded repaired potholes to read “Re-Freshed by KFC.” Earlier this year, the brand funded fire safety improvements in exchange for placing the KFC Colonel’s iconic face on fire hydrants and extinguishers. The unique “Get a Grip” program continues KFC’s efforts to creatively spotlight its delicious menu items.

New Boneless Filet Box Meal

Think boneless chicken options need to leave you feeling unsatisfied and hungry for more? Think again! New KFC Boneless Filets are the meatiest way to eat KFC on the go. The 100 percent white meat, boneless and skinless filets are freshly prepared in KFC’s flavorful 11 herbs and spices. The meatier alternative to chicken strips and nuggets requires you to eat with your hands – and each filet comes in a sleeve to help you “get a grip” while you eat it.

Get a grip on a KFC Boneless Filet Box, which includes an Original Recipe Boneless Filet, an individual side, biscuit and drink for $5. Think your hands can tackle twice the meat? Get the box with two filets for a recommended price of $6.99. Boneless Filets are sold individually for $1.99 (prices may vary).

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