New products from Boris Becker tennis

March 17, 2010

Boris Becker tennis is proud to introduce the new Delta Core Power, Delta Core Sportster, Delta Core Pro, and the Junior Legend.

DC Power

Boris Becker Cranks up the power with the Delta Core Power.

This racquet features two new technologies Double Rail Technology and the eponymous DeltaCore. At 3 and 9 o’clock, the DRT system features two braces, which strengthen the racquet, helping it resist twisting. The DRT also teams with DeltaCore to create an arm-friendly hit. DeltaCore technology features carbon nanotubes placed in a triangular shape. This DeltaCore Power is a good option for players who are looking for a lighter weight racquet but still crave the stability and power of a heavier stick.

DC Sportster

Built for speed, built for power …

Built for speed, built for power, built with the inspiration of a grand slam champion, the Sportster is the essential choice for the modern player. Providing exceptional stability for such a light and maneuverable racquet, the Sportster provides a solid feel and allows for maximum racket head speed through the hitting zone. It’s true that the Sportster excels from the baseline, yet its finely tuned balance also makes it an ideal choice for players who like to attack the net. Volleys leave the racquet with a crisp and clean feel. On serve, there’s easy access to spin and all the control needed for confidence and consistency. Play with speed, play with power, let the Sportster be your inspiration!

DC Pro

Offering impressive power and excellent access to spin …

Offering impressive power and excellent access to spin, the DeltaCore Pro is a solid choice for intermediate through professional players. The feel at impact is solid and there’s plenty of comfort thanks to the Sensor Plus handle system. Maneuverability is excellent and players who like to hit with pace and spin will find this racquet to be a willing partner. At net the DeltaCore Pro feels mobile and the response is crisp. The stringbed offers a lively response yet our testers sill found enough feel and control for touch and angle volleys. The power and spin potential of the DeltaCore Pro comes to the forefront on serve with ample access to both pace and spin.

Boris Becker Strings

Hero … Hybrid … Bomber

High tech rackets need high quality performance strings. Material, elasticity, and durability are just some of the crucial perimeters for ensuring your court performance is everything you it to be. For BORIS BECKER TENNIS, the strings are on par with the rackets, high — tech strings developed with high tech rackets.

BB HERO Natural Gut (1.27/16L)

Unbeatable performance providing natural comfort, elasticity, resiliency and maximum shock absorption … The choice of champions.

BB HYBRID (1.27/1.23)

Used by most touring professionals of today Greatest for all around playability and durability by combining a half set of BB Hero and half set of BB Bomber.

BB BOMBER (1.23 & 1.28)

Advanced co-polymer technology. Providing outstanding durability and tension hold, combined with excellent response time off the racket, second only to natural gut .

Available in 17 and 16 gauge.

Boris Becker Smash Series Bag Collection for 2010

The Becker Series bags is a natural fit within the Boris Becker collection with its dynamic and appealing look. The Becker bags are constructed with modern styling and takes into account the practical needs of every tennis enthusiast. The durable high quality production and ease-of-use guarantees an excellent showing on every court.

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