Test your stringbed stiffness with an iPhone

April 20, 2010 is pleased to announce that racquetTune for iPhone and iPod touch is now available in Apple’s App Store.

racquetTune is a quick, cool and inexpensive tool that allows any tennis player to check that his racquet is correctly strung. A couple taps on the strings and racquetTune displays the tension with high accuracy.

“The motivation behind racquetTune was to give tennis players everywhere an easy to use tool to check when its time to restring their racket, or to find the optimal tension to play with” says Sten Kaiser developer of racquetTune.

racquetTune uses the sound of the racquet to analyze the frequency of the strings. The frequency is then converted to the tension of the stringbed. The accuracy is showed by an indicator on the display and can be improved by tapping the racquet several times.

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