HiDef Indoor Tennis Court Lighting

May 20, 2010

Recognizing the importance of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, LSI has introduced the HiDef system, a breakthrough in indoor tennis court lighting. The HiDef system uses high output T5 fluorescent lamps in combination with a unique combination direct / indirect light distribution. The HiDef system offers many advantages over traditional indoor tennis court lighting fixtures that use outdated fluorescent lamps (T12) and HID light sources such as metal halide. Some of the benefits of the HiDef lighting system are significant energy savings, enhanced light quality, considerable reduction in light depreciation over the life of the system long lamp life, and instant on operation.

The HiDef system, with its combination of direct/indirect lighting distribution, provides excellent contrast of objects, reveals their form, discloses spin, and identifies the direction of travel. The indirect component makes the interior appear more spacious and bright by adding more light to the ceiling and upper walls.