ITA to allow QuickStart Lines on competition courts

May 28, 2010

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — The USTA and Intercollegiate Tennis Association, the governing body of college tennis, announced today that the ITA has approved a rule change that will allow its competition courts to feature permanent USTA approved 36’ and 60’ tennis lines. The rule change will allow collegiate facilities to be used for tournaments and training sessions geared towards children ages 10 and under by utilizing the QuickStart play format, which utilizes lower bouncing balls, smaller racquets and shorter courts, all tailored to a child’s age and size.

“The rule change to allow USTA approved 36’ and 60’ lines on competition courts was unanimously approved by the ITA Operating Committee at its meetings during the NCAA Championships in Athens, Ga.,“ said David A. Benjamin, Executive Director, ITA. “The ITA is excited and proud to lead the way with this endorsement of the QuickStart play format.”

The rule change signifies the emergence of the QuickStart play format as an integral part of the development of young players. The ITA Division I Operating Committee, in conjunction with collegiate coaches who are considered as some of the top player development coaches in the country, has embraced the impact of the QuickStart play format and recognize that youth competition and training should be organized using slower balls and appropriate sized racquets on appropriate sized courts. The committee has therefore taken the lead in revising the regulations regarding lines on its competition courts.

“USTA Player Development is thrilled that the ITA and its member coaches have taken the lead in embracing 36’ and 60’ tennis,” said Patrick McEnroe, General Manager, USTA Player Development. “Comprised of some of the top player development coaches in the nation, the ITA recognizes the importance of appropriate training and competition for the 10 and under population. This rule change demonstrates their commitment to assisting in the development of young American players.”