Vita Coco Congratulates Isner

June 25, 2010

NEW YORK — Vita Coco, a sponsor of American professional tennis player John Isner, congratulates the 19th ranked ATP player on his inspiring victory today at Wimbledon. Isner competed against Nicolas Mahut in what was documented as the “Longest Tennis Match in History” — 11 hours over the course of three days.

Vita Coco is the nation’s best selling fresh coconut water, with over 60% market share and distribution in over 17,000 stores nationwide.

Vita Coco’s relationship with Isner dates back two years, when the brand started sending him regular shipments of coconut water. “Isner is a real believer in Vita Coco, and had already been drinking the product religiously prior to the endorsement deal,” says Kirban.

“Vita Coco is synonymous with superior hydration,” continues Kirban, “and when you’re playing tennis under the blazing sun for 10 hours straight, you need to stay hydrated.”

Vita Coco, all-natural, pure coconut water, has for many consumers become the best alternative to sports drinks and enhanced bottled waters. One reason: an 11.2 oz. serving size of Vita Coco contains almost 700 mg of potassium and approximately 15 times more electrolytes than the average sports drink in a similar serving size. Coconut water has long been recognized in South America and Asia for its functional benefits, including unparalleled hydration, the prevention of muscle cramps and muscle spasms, boosting immunity, and detoxification.

Vita Coco is currently sold at over 17,000 retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods Market, Safeway, GNC, Giant Eagle, Ralph’s, Shaw’s, Stop&Shop/Giant, HEB, Hannaford Supermarkets, ACME and Shop Rite, as well as on