Williams’ Book Shows How Sports Help Build Success

June 29, 2010

Venus Williams is a proven winner on the court, combining her talent, drive and hard work to master the game of tennis and win multiple Grand Slam titles. But how does that drive serve her off the court and how will she put it to use in her post professional tennis career?

For inspiration, Williams turned to nearly 50 business leaders, politicians, doctors, and artists, all of whom previously played competitive sports and who now operate at the top of their field. She asked them: What principles that inspired you toward success as an athlete are helpful in life? In business?

Their answers can be found in a new book Williams edited (with journalist Kelly E. Carter) that shows how to turn a sports background into successes off the field.

“Come To Win: Business Leaders, Artists, Doctors, and Other Visionaries on How Sports Can Help You Top Your Profession” includes essays by an A-list of visionaries, such as Ken Chenault, Meg Whitman, Phil Knight, Jack Welch, Condoleezza Rice, Bill Bradley, Vera Wang, Marcus Samuelsson, and Bill Clinton. They help answer Williams’ questions with a useful array of tips woven through anecdotes from their athletic past that have been instrumental in their post-sports life success.

Williams also reflects on what she has learned from her own coaches, including her father and mother, and how their wisdom contributes to her own achievements, including the launch of her own businesses, V-Starr Interiors, an interior design firm, and EleVen, an athletic clothing line.

“Come to Win,” published by Amistad/HarperCollins publishers, goes on sale June 29.