Ashaway Signs Daryl Selby

July 23, 2010

Ashaway, RI — Ashaway Racket Strings has announced the signing of rising squash pro Daryl Selby to a three-year sponsorship agreement. While the terms of the agreement were not disclosed, Selby, who is currently ranked #9 by PSA, has long played with Ashaway’s PowerNick® and recently switched to Ashaway’s new Zyex-based UltraNick® 18.

“We’re delighted to have a rising young star like Daryl join the Ashaway team,” said Steve Crandall, Ashaway Vice President of Marketing. “Daryl exemplifies the values we like to see in top players: dedicated, hard-working, family-oriented. Daryl is the kind of guy you just want to see win. It also helps that he’s been playing with Ashaway string for years,” Crandall added.

Selby joined the PSA Tour in 2004 and rose steadily through the ranks until last year when a string of victories propelled him from 33 into the top ten. Described as “a worker” and known for his grit and determination, Selby ascribes his breakthrough rise to, “a new-found confidence in my own game; a settled home life with my fiancée; [and] having my family around me.”

“It is a pleasure for me to sign with Ashaway,” Selby said. “I have been using the strings for a long time and they are in my opinion without doubt the best strings in squash.” A longtime PowerNick user, Selby recently switched to Ashaway’s newly introduced UltraNick 18, one of a new line of strings utilizing Zyex® multifilament core technology.

“The PowerNick is a great string that feels more solid and generates slightly more power, in my opinion,” he said, but, “the UltraNick has just added a touch more feel to my front court game.” And while he said he breaks more of the new strings, “the UltraNick feels slightly softer, and I can get a bit more slice and cut on the ball.” But, he added, “I honestly don’t mind playing with either.”

And Ashaway, said Crandall, hopes Daryl Selby continues to play with Ashaway for a long time. “We think Daryl has really hit his stride as a pro. We expect to see great things from him in the coming years and we’re happy to help him along.”


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