Cardio Tennis Clinic on TV News in Los Angeles

August 13, 2010

KABC-TV in Los Angeles aired a Cardio Tennis segment in early August by nutrition and fitness reporter Lori Corbin, who participated in a Cardio Tennis class that also included actress Kendra Andrews, star or the new Disney dance movie “Step Up 3D.” To view the segment follow this video link: Cardio Tennis Helps Improve Skills, Burn Fat

“For the best in the game, tennis is a grueling sport, but for most of us there’s a lot of stops and starts,” Corbin said in her two-minute report. “It’s fun but we don’t necessarily burn a lot of calories. The solution is cardio tennis. The big difference between tennis and cardio tennis: 60 minutes of swings, shuffling, muscle conditioning and fat burning.”

National Cardio Tennis Speaker and tennis teaching pro Chris Ojakian led the Cardio Tennis session, which included high-energy, fast-paced drills and games designed to keep the heart rate up and burn calories, while also helping to improve tennis skills. Whether a participant is a frequent tennis player or has never picked up a racquet before, Cardio Tennis can help them get in shape in a workout that’s fast, fun and social.

“Kendra Andrews and KABC’s Lori Corbin found out what a terrific workout Cardio Tennis provides all participants,” says Michele Krause, National Program Manager for Cardio Tennis, which was developed and is managed by the Tennis Industry Association. “Not only do you get into your target heart rate zone with ease because of the fun factor, Cardio Tennis also engages the total body as well as the mind…the time flies and you can’t believe the class is over.”

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