Double-handle racquet in US Open main draw

August 29, 2010

“High Flyin’ Brian” Battistone, the highest-ranked player using the double-handled racquet, has earned a Wild Card into the US Open. He and one of his recent doubles partners, Ryler DeHeart, will be playing their first round on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Brian was ranked 106 in the World as of last week and, with a recent finals in Spain, he has likely entered the magic 100 club. In terms of US doubles players, he’s ranked close to the Top Ten.

If you haven’t seen Brian’s incredible jump serve featured in a repeating segment on TENNIS Channel, you are in for a treat. His unique serve and the unique double-handled racquet that he uses have been featured in 49 articles in the past year or so. He and the racquet create a buzz everywhere he goes.

The design is now simply called “The healthy racquet” because it encourages a departure from the lop-sided, one-side dominant style of play that is the standard method. With two handles, it allows a player to play mirror-image shots on both sides of the body. That’s healthier for the body, especially a growing body.

If you want more info about the “HEALTHY” racquet, check out “double-handled racquet” or “Battistone Brothers” on YouTube.