Dunlop’s Biomimetic Racket Technologies

August 27, 2010

GREENVILLE, SC — Dunlop today announced five new rackets incorporating the evolutionary design process known as Biomimetics. Biomimetics means to ‘imitate life,’ and the five new rackets do just that- they draw their key design features from some of nature’s most evolved creatures: the shark, the bee, and the gecko. Dunlop is hosting a launch event in Manhattan to introduce the Biomimetic rackets to key figures in the tennis industry as well as media. On hand will be brand ambassador John McEnroe along with other members of the Dunlop Tour Team, including Fernando Verdasco and Nikolay Davydenko.

The three technologies that fall under the Biomimetic umbrella are:

Aeroskin: The patented technology strategically applied to the surface of Biomimetic rackets. Like the skin of a shark, Aeroskin features tiny riblets that reduce aerodynamic drag by up to 25% for increased racket head speed and power.

HM6 Carbon: A newly designed carbon compound that mimics the hexagonal structure of a honeycomb, one of nature’s strongest and most efficient structures. The HM6 carbon is placed between Aerogel*-enhanced carbon to reduce racket vibration by up to 10% for ultimate energy return and feel.

Gecko-Tac: The name given to Dunlop’s new grip surface treatment. Much like the pads found on a gecko’s feet, which can cling upside down to even wet surfaces, Gecko-Tac grip provides up to 50% more grip and tack than previous Dunlop grips, giving players greater feel and precision with their racket.

The rackets that will feature the new technology are the Biomimetic 200 Plus, the Biomimetic 300, the Biomimetic 300 Tour, the Biomimetic 600 and the Biomimetic 600 Lite. (See accompanying press release for details on each of the rackets).

Kai Nitsche, Vice President and General Manager of Dunlop Racket Sports, said, “The Biomimetic range gives Dunlop some tremendous momentum heading into 2011. Each racket combines a tangible technological benefit with a sharp cosmetic. Our entire Tour Team is excited to switch to them for the 2011 season, and fans can make the switch before that- starting in mid November, when the rackets hit stores.”