KT Tape offers free instruction

August 16, 2010

Orem, UT — Lumos Inc., category leader in motion-based sports medicine products and makers of KT Tape™, now offers the world’s largest, most current, interactive and easy-to-use online collection of kinesiology taping information on KT In July 2010, the website doubled its offering of free step-by-step instructional videos. now features 45 video instructions to properly tape every muscle, joint or tendon.


For athletes of all types, from elite pros to weekend joggers, proper application is the key to getting the most benefit from KT Tape. KT Tape’s easily accessible bank of proper-step-by-step instructions empowers all athletes and consumers to truly reap the benefits of low cost pain relief as well as faster injury recovery and rehab, just like the pros.

KT Tape is the first brand in the industry to offer such extensive resources to everyone for free- including those using other brands of tape. The offering includes a library of printable pdfs, package instructions for basic tapings, mobile website apps, and a detailed YouTube and video library of taping instructions.

The most viewed videos on YouTube for kinesiology tape application are the KT Tape videos. With the newest release of videos bringing the total applications to 45, KT Tape has already doubled the application videos it offered less than a month ago and will continue to roll out five new video applications per month for specific injuries, outpacing every other brand in application instruction.

New applications are released in response to direct requests from KT Tape consumers on Twitter, Facebook, and email, and include applications from Neck Pain to Calf Strain, Carpal Tunnel to Tennis Elbow, Rotator Cuff Pain to Plantar Fasciitis pain, and Finger Jam to IT Band Syndrome. Applications for common injuries that plague particular sports have been produced already, with a slew of new customer requested videos in the queue. The “Ask An Expert” feature on offers free 24/7 expert taping support and timely advice.

“We at KT Tape are committed to providing athletes with a superior product, at a reasonable price, with accessible support networks,” says KT Tape Vice President Jim Jenson. “KT Tape is more than just kinesiology tape, it’s a community of resources that empowers athletes without prior taping experience to do the things they love without being sidelined or suffering from pain.”

To ensure that all of these instructions are available to a broader audience, KT Tape launched a new mobile-friendly website and free KT Tape app for smartphone/iPhone on which customers can watch taping application videos and locate the store nearest them. This mobile site is the first of its kind and offers athletes who experience an injury on the field access to application instruction on their mobile devices.

If athletes are looking for more of a hands-on experience, KT Tape also provides in-person demonstrations and training at hundreds of sporting events and retailers nationwide, and the online clinic locator is a database of clinicians across the country applying KT Tape.

At KT Tape, education is not just a mission, it’s a passion. While other brands cater to the medical pros only or provide consumer instructions for sale, KT Tape provides application directions free. KT Tape is not only the brand of choice for pro athletes and the clinical market, but for consumers as well. Simply put, KT Tape has become the kinesiology taping instruction resource. And best of all, it’s free.

KT TapeTM is used by athletes in virtually all sports to enhance athletic performance by preventing and treating common sports injuries. KT Tape enables athletes to perform their best by providing pain relief and support to sore muscles or injuries without restricting motion. KT Tape is the only treatment modality that provides pain relief and support before, during, and after activity without using medications or chemicals. Developed by Utah-based Lumos Inc., KT TapeTM is packaged in easy-to-use, pre-cut strips with instructions for most common applications. KT TapeTM is officially endorsed by Kerri Walsh, Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist.