Pro Squash Tour Releases New Rules

August 2, 2010

*Natick, MA — * The US based Pro Squash Tour released its Rules of Play today: The traditional “let” (do-over) will no longer be a part of the game. This change, which will take effect at the Baltimore Open in September, significantly reshapes the way squash is played and will enhance the enjoyment for spectators.

“Our elimination of the traditional let is a dramatic leap forward for both players and fans,” said Pro Squash Tour Commissioner Joseph McManus. “Americans do not want ‘do-over’ calls in sports. A ball is served and returned, a rally ensues, and a clear winner should be declared for every rally. Players should not hit a shot that they cannot clear.”

“We did retain a small provision to protect player safety and allow for equipment failure,” added McManus. “These will be exceptional occurrences though.”

Previously, a “let” occurred when an opponent impeded the striker from getting into position to play the ball. If a let was granted by the referee, players were forced to replay the previous rally. This will now result in a stroke call, granting the rally, and point, to the striker.

Bob Hanscom, US National Certified Referee immediately endorsed the new rule. “Finally! It’s been a concept I’ve talked and written about for a good while.”

Paul Ansdell, also a US Certified Referee, concurred. “Taking away the ‘yes let’ will make the players work harder to play the ball and get out of the way, thus making the game far more exciting and enjoyable to watch.”

“Each year, the most popular sports in the United States review their respective games and make improvements to enhance the fan experience,” said McManus. “The NFL, NBA, and MLB are fan-centric organizations that annually find ways to improve the fan experience. Our Pro Squash Tour is committed to doing the same.”

More than 150 years old and played by more than 20 million people in 175 countries, squash has shown sustained growth at the junior level in the US. in recent years. The US based Pro Squash Tour was founded in 2009 and coordinates a tour with stops across the United States. The season begins in September and runs through April.