TennisConnect Goes Mobile

September 23, 2010

Now you can promote your tennis business and service your most tech-savvy customers by publishing “mobile-specific” web pages that are simple to create through TennisConnect and easy to view on smartphones. With TennisConnect’s “MobileBuilder” component, tennis facilities and retailers can quickly generate mobile web pages with key information about programs, news, directions, calendar of events and more—information that is critical to your business—and all scaled to be viewed on smaller mobile devices.

MobileBuilder also can automatically create several “system-generated” pages, such as maps, weather, email and more. With the “contact us” feature, for instance, each function (email, phone) is automatically integrated with the smartphone. With MobileBuilder you can also integrate your social media sites, such as a Facebook “Fan Page” or “Twitter Feed” into your mobile page.

“TennisConnect’s new MobileBuilder component will keep your customers and members in the know instantly, no matter where they are,” says Charlie Ruddy, the developer of TennisConnect, which is the Tennis Industry Association’s premier business tool for tennis providers. When a smartphone user goes to your website, the MobileBuilder component recognizes the request is from a mobile browser and directs the user to the mobile pages.

“When a tennis player doesn’t have access to a computer, he or she can easily ‘call up’ your information on a smartphone—including what programs you may be running, what special deals you’re offering, directions to your facility or store, and more,” Ruddy says. “For tennis providers, it’s easy to use—just like building simple web pages with our current user-friendly web page builder, only these are scaled for mobile devices, such as an iPhone, Android or any other smartphone.”

As a tennis provider, you can add whatever content you’d like using MobileBuilder, including videos. For instance, you can upload a different video tennis tip each week, just for mobile users. If you use TennisConnect’s Demo Racquet Center, you can list frames available to demo, and your customers can request them right from their mobile phones.

“The new TennisConnect MobileBuilder further extends our reach into the tennis community, helping facilities and retailers build their businesses in cutting-edge fashion,” says Jolyn de Boer, the executive director of the TIA. “Now, more people will have access to key information, allowing them to find facilities and retailers and helping them to play more frequently.”

MobileBuilder, which is part of TennisConnect Components, is $8/month ($96/year) or $75/year with annual pre-payment. There is a one-time set up fee of $50 to establish your MobileBuilder database. Purchase of a “.mobi” domain is recommended but not required.

For more information about subscribing to TennisConnect MobileBuilder, visit or contact Marty Mohar, TennisConnect Liaison, Tennis Industry Association, 843-686-3036 ext. 227 or toll-free 866-686-3036, ext. 227, or [email protected].