World Sports Media Group Acquires Six Sigma Tennis

September 7, 2010

SARASOTA, Fla. — In a well-designed and carefully orchestrated move, World Sports Media Group will acquire Six Sigma Tennis for an undisclosed amount. The creator, Steven Falk, will be brought aboard as CEO.

The Six Sigma Tennis books have already gained the support of leading literary agent Steven J. Fisher with APA Talent and Literary Agency and produced a new business relationship with leading U.S. Distributor Baker and Taylor.

Former Stanford Tennis USPTA Coach, USTA Official and Six Sigma Champion Steven Falk’s groundbreaking book, “Six Sigma Tennis,” which uses proven quality management principles to achieve athletic excellence, is now partnering with related products, services and celebrities to further promote performance perfection in athletics, education and sports.

In Six Sigma Tennis, leading expert Steven Falk explains how the improvement processes major corporations use to ensure 99.99% quality can now be used by tennis players of all levels to achieve 99.99% success rates on and off the court — in other words, how to win.

The program is being used by tennis coaches and athletes in the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

World Sports Media Group is said to be forming a new LLC for Six Sigma Tennis. Sources reported today that new investors are paying $75,000 for LLC Membership.

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