XēneCore Powers New Donnay Racquets

September 20, 2010

NEW YORK — Donnay (, the 100 year old tennis brand, has based their new line of racquets, the X-Series, on XēneCore™ technology.

XēneCore™ is a new fiber technology that uses high pressure solids to form and reinforce the graphite fiber composite to previously unattainable levels of strength. This solid strength allows for the thickness of the racquet beam width to be reduced dramatically to only 15mm. This translates to unparalleled levels of maneuverability, feel, and power. The high pressure solids also dampen vibration, reducing the likelihood of injury and fatigue.

The net result is a previously unachievable level of performance that will drive the game of tennis from the graphite age to the XēneCore™ age.

“The technology behind XēneCore™ allows us to manufacture tennis racquets with the feel of wood while maintaining and even surpassing the power of the modern graphite composite,” said Jerry Choe, president of Donnay USA. “As a thin solid core, the tensile strength of this material is quite amazing.”

The applications for XēneCore™ are not limited to tennis racquets, but can be applied to any product that incorporates the use of graphite composite materials.