Tennis Warehouse hires Blalock and Matzenauer

October 5, 2010

San Luis Obispo, California — Tennis Warehouse announced that Brittany Blalock and Suzie Matzenauer have been employed to the Tennis Warehouse staff. Blalock is hired as the New Products Coordinator and Matzenauer as the Product Information Coordinator. Blalock will coordinate scheduling of reviews, arrival of production, and distribution of the products. Matzenauer will share her product knowledge and educate employees through clinics as well as play-testing new products.

Don Hightower, President of Tennis Warehouse states, “We are very pleased to add Cal Poly’s elite student-athletes to our roster and we are confident that their tennis background will help contribute to our continual success at Tennis Warehouse.”

Former top two Cal Poly women’s tennis players, Brittany Blalock and Suzie Matzenauer, had their best season last year, earning a top doubles ranking of No. 22 in the country and making it to the NCAA’s doubles championship in Athens, Ga. As recent highly competitive Division I tennis players, their knowledge of players’ wants and needs will serve as an asset to Tennis Warehouse. Since graduating from Cal Poly — Blalock received her BA in Business Marketing; Matzenauer in Communications — both women are looking to begin their careers in the tennis industry by joining the Tennis Warehouse staff. Blalock and Matzenauer will bring their understanding of the game of tennis (including traveling, equipment, clothes, match play and knowledge of the game) and transition into the professional and corporate tennis world at Tennis Warehouse.