Dent Retiring from Professional Tennis

November 8, 2010

Taylor Dent, who reached a career high ranking of #21 in the world during his twelve year tennis career, will retire from professional tennis at the age of 29. Having returned to the tour after three back-surgeries that nearly ended his playing career in 2006, Taylor is ready to take on an active role in the tennis world now his playing days are over:

“I had the privilege to compete at the highest level for 12 year, see places in the world I would have never been able to see without tennis, and meet people along the way that have become lifelong friends. I am looking forward to spending more time with my family, especially with my wife Jenny and our son Declan. I want to continue to stay active in the tennis industry and I am excited to explore opportunities in the world of tennis that my full tournament schedule never allowed me to do.”

Please find below some of Taylor’s career highlights:

Other facts: