Dunlop Debuts Five New Strings

November 17, 2010

GREENVILLE, SC — Dunlop today announced a revamped line of tennis strings now shipping alongside its new Biomimetic rackets. The five different kinds of string combine innovation and practicality, meeting the needs of every level of player.

Here’s a breakdown of each string:


Inspired by the one of the world’s strongest and softest natural fibers, Silk offers players the utmost in power and comfort, thanks to its ultra premium polyurethane-injected multifilament construction. The gut-like playability and comfort, combined with unsurpassed tension maintenance offers players of all levels a feel as smooth as silk.

Black Widow

Named after one of the world’s deadliest predators, this string is the ultimate weapon for serious players. Premium soft co-poly gives unmatched power and comfort with the durability players expect from a performance polyester, while the heptagonal profile gives players razor-like control and access to incredible spin.

Hexy Fiber

Hexy Fiber is the industry’s first hexagonal shaped multifilament string offering players of all levels more spin and bite, while its microfiber multifilament core delivers outstanding comfort and feel.

Explosive Polyester

The original Dunlop polyester string, Explosive is generated from the high tensile premium polyester for added durability and power.


The S-Gut offers an excellent value for a multi-filament string, delivers all-around playability and durability. Highly elastic synthetic fibers give this string its power with a special PU coating for added durability and feel.

Kai Nitsche, Vice President and General Manager of Dunlop Racket Sports, said, “Since their launch at the U.S. Open, our Biomimetic rackets have been exceptionally well received by our dealers, consumers, and the Dunlop Tour Team. We have added a completely redesigned string line to complement the Biomimetic rackets, and based on the feedback we’ve received from playtesters, these new strings are far superior to anything we’ve produced before. With that in mind, we are eager to have consumers try them — especially in a new Biomimetic racket.”