HEAD Star Series Winner meets Agassi and Graf

December 13, 2010

Seventeen year old Tony Ly from Rockhill, South Carolina experienced the match of his life with Andre Agassi and Stefanie Graf in Las Vegas, after winning HEAD’s YouTek™ Star Series Promotion. The online promotion was featured on earlier this year with four short viral videos of Agassi and Graf explaining the different technologies found in the new YouTek™ Stars Series Racquets.

Ly was able to bring his eighteen year-old brother Brian to enjoy the experience with him. Ly’s parents also made the trip to Las Vegas, after they found out that their son had won a once in a lifetime opportunity. Ly and his family were picked up at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino by limousine and were taken to the Amanda and Stacy Darling Memorial Tennis Center to meet Stefanie Graf and Andre Agassi. “We couldn’t believe that we won this opportunity to go to Las Vegas and play tennis with Andre and Stefanie, because things like that just don’t happen to people,” said Ly.

Ly and his brother each grabbed the YouTek™ Radical as their racquet of choice and hit the courts with Agassi and Graf. “We expected to get demolished by them (which we did) but thankfully they took it easy on us, and we even managed to play some good points and hit a few winners,” said Ly.

After getting the chance to hit with the two legendary players, Ly and his family had lunch with the couple and asked questions about his tennis game. Agassi and Graf both provided key advice for both Tony and Brian on how they could improve different shots and gave them key information on how to compete. After taking pictures and getting autographed copies of Andre’s book, the day came to a close and Tony was both grateful and in awe by the opportunity to have such a unique tennis experience.

“This will be a great memory for us. Many tennis players only dream of getting to see Agassi and Graf play, but we actually got to meet them, play tennis with them and have lunch with them,” said Ly. “Thanks for everything, HEAD!”

The Star Series racquets, whose models include the YouTek™ Six Star, YouTek™ Five Star, YouTek™ Four Star and YouTek™ Three Star, have earned the prestigious 2010 Red Dot award for Product Design. Agassi and Graf have taken an active part in the promotion of the HEAD Star Series, with the couple appearing in four short viral films explaining the different technologies and their advantages to players of all levels.


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