TennisConnect Adds ‘Leagues & Ladders’

December 15, 2010

Tennis leagues and ladders are a key element to keeping players more engaged and with a goal to increase the number of frequent tennis players in the U.S., the Tennis Industry Association is focusing on helping to connect players to each other and provide more tennis-playing opportunities. The TIA has incorporated a new tool into TennisConnect, its premier software for tennis providers, offering tennis players and administrators a user-friendly system that will increase participation through tennis leagues and “ladders.”

“TennisConnect Leagues & Ladders” provides tennis clubs, facilities, leagues and organizations with web-based technologies that feature event management, social networking and dynamic player ratings.

“The TIA’s mission is to help grow the frequent-tennis-player base,” says Jolyn de Boer, executive director of the TIA. “Currently, there are just over 5 million frequent players in the U.S., those who play at least 21 time a year. Software features that provide user-friendly, and administrator-friendly, leagues and tennis ‘ladders’ may have the potential to improve membership retention, and increase participation and play occasions.”

“Teaming up with the TIA’s TennisConnect and using technology to get people playing more makes a lot of sense,” says Steve Timperley, CEO of Tencap Tennis. “TennisConnect has a very complete roster of features for tennis providers, and Tencap provides a unique event management/league & ladder administration feature that really enhances the TIA’s product.”

The TennisConnect component for Leagues & Ladders provides tools to manage every aspect of tennis events, adds Timperley.

One of the main challenges people list for not playing as much tennis is “finding someone to play with,” according to TIA research. With TennisConnect’s Leagues & Ladders, tennis organizations will have their own custom-branded social networking platform. “This creates an online destination for all your members to connect with friends and playing partners, post comments, arrange games, search for substitutes and find their most compatible matchups,” says Timperley.

The Leagues & Ladders component is based on the unique Tencap dynamic rating system that gives players feedback on their results after every match, and the system is easily compatible with the NTRP player rating system. In fact, says Timperley, “The Tencap rating system will give players a better understanding of what their true NTRP rating is based on their match results, removing any subjectivity.” This, he adds, gives players dynamic feedback on their true level of play and allows both players and teaching pros the ability to find the most compatible match-ups.

“We are excited to help bring a product to the marketplace that has the potential and ability to make a difference in frequent player activity and growth,” says de Boer. The TIA, she adds, plans on tracking the progress and usage of Leagues & Ladders to produce real-time research data to help guide the industry.