Courier Switches to Donnay Racquets

January 12, 2011

NEW YORK — Tennis Hall-Of-Famer, Champions Series star and U.S. Davis Cup Captain Jim Courier will exclusively play and represent Donnay and its new ultra-thin-beamed X-Series Red 99.

“I am proud to become a Donnay brand ambassador,” said the four-time Grand Slam Champion and former World No. 1. “After basically playing with the same model for the last 25 years I realized I was missing out on the technological advancements in racquets in recent years and it was time for me to join the 21st Century. With a larger head size, bigger sweetspot and more power, the Donnay X-Series Red 99 gives me what I need without taking away from the one area I won’t sacrifice — control.”

The transition from his classic thicker-beamed old racquet has been seamless, he added. “The Donnay provides more power for my groundstrokes and serves but also allows for the finesse and touch required to hit slices, angles and drop shots. It‟s controllable power and I need that when I am competing in Champions Series tournaments and other events.”

The X-Series Red 99 is one of 10 new Donnay X-Series models which have various string patterns, head sizes (94- and 99-square-inches), stiffness levels and different weights and head-light balances, but all share the ultra-thin beam that measures only 15 millimeters at the base. The narrower beam provides an aerodynamic advantage that enables them to swiftly cut through the air almost effortlessly.

“The thin beam allows for easier racquet head speed because there‟s less wind resistance as you swing it through the air” he said. “Other racquets, even so-called „players‟ sticks, have thicker beams that are comparably bulky and can be cumbersome to swing. The Donnay X-Series frames allow you to swing faster and generate more pace and spin, and there‟s less beam to get in the way when the ball hits the outer edges of the string bed that can result in mis-hits and framed shots.”

Other manufacturers have attempted to produce a 15 millimeter beam in the past, but the frames were hollow, causing durability, comfort and stability issues. “The Donnay difference is XēneCore, a new innovative high-tensile strength material that completely fills the inside of the frame, resulting in the racquets‟ ability to withstand the heaviest hits without compromising performance and comfort,” said Donnay President/Chief Designer Jerry Choe.

But you don‟t have to be Jim Courier — or fellow Donnay users and tennis legends Mats Wilander and Mikael Pernfors — to get the most out of the Donnay X-Series, he added. “A lot of recreational players have grown up with the thicker beams that don‟t allow them to feel the ball,” he said. “They just kind of bash it and see where it goes,” Courier said. “The X-Series bridges the gap between what‟s out there in the marketplace and what‟s been missing with a balance of power, touch and control.”

Another unique feature of the Donnay X-Series is an accompanying customizing kit consisting of three differently weighted buttcaps and optional weighted slides for the top and sides of the hoop that gives players the option of adjusting the weights and balances on the fly without resorting to messy lead tape. “This is a revolutionary way for the amateur to customize their racquets like all the tour pros do,” says Courier.

Courier will use the Donnay X-Series Red 99 in all his matches, including those on the 2011 Champions Series circuit this fall.

“We‟re proud to have a player with the great respect and credibility of Jim Courier as the latest ambassador for our brand,” said Bobby Choe, CEO of Donnay USA Ltd. ( “What separates him from most other legends is that he‟s as relevant in today‟s game as ever in his multi-faceted roles as Davis Cup Captain, player, commentator and businessman.” Courier is the founding partner of InsideOut Sports + Entertainment which owns and operates the Champions Series.