Design Your Own Dunlop Racquet

January 28, 2011

GREENVILLE, SC — Dunlop announces a first-ever Facebook application that allows fans to design their own Biomimetic tennis racket. The application gives all Dunlop Facebook friends the ability to color, place logos, and add text to the frame. Once their design is completed, all rackets will be saved and judged by Dunlop. The winning designer will have their racket made to their chosen Biomimetic racket specifications. Dates and rules for the competition will be posted on Facebook. The Dunlop page is listed on Facebook as ‘Dunlop Sport’ and is located at .

Hundreds of fans have already designed rackets since the app launched in beta form last week. It was built primarily using Adobe Flex and Flash utilizing a Papervision3D engine. All social media functionality was achieved through the Facebook API.

“Being able to customize your own tennis racket is a dream come true for many tennis fans. Now we’re combining that ability with the most popular social networking site there is, Facebook,” said Steve Hall,Marketing Director of Dunlop Sports Group Americas.