Cardio Tennis Makes Big Splash with PTR

March 11, 2011

Clear skies and warm weather was the setting for the 2011 PTR International Tennis Symposium on Hilton Head Island, SC, in February—a welcome change for many tennis industry professionals hit by this year’s harsh winter in many parts of the country. The ideal weather paved the way for some heart-pumping fitness on court at the Symposium through the increasingly popular Cardio Tennis program.

Sunday (2/20) and Monday mornings at the PTR Symposium kicked off with Cardio Tennis on five separate courts, each with 10 to 12 players. Following the morning workouts, National Cardio Tennis Program Manager Michele Krause and Cardio Tennis Speaker Team member Jorge Capestany hosted a Cardio Tennis Feeding Presentation, ‘Taking Your Skills to the Next Level,’ providing attendees with hints, tips, and drills to improve their feeding technique for their own Cardio Tennis programs.

Following the morning workouts and the presentation, the annual Cardio Tennis Feeding Shootout Competition had the highest turnout ever, with 45 participants showcasing their skills on two separate courts. At the end of the very close competition, Adam Ford took home the first place prize, followed by Michael Harper Jr., both members of the National Cardio Tennis Speakers Team. “I was so proud to see Cardio Tennis team members take the lead in the Shootout,” says Krause. “It really conveys the message that our speakers’ team is made up of highly qualified and skilled ambassadors who deliver the Cardio Tennis product across the globe.”

Cardio Tennis morning workouts continued the next two days, with more than 30 people turning out on Thursday morning, the last day of the Symposium, an impressive turnout for the last morning on the last day, said Krause. Thursday also was another big day for Cardio Tennis, as the winner of NBC’s Season 10 “The Biggest Loser,” Patrick House, was a surprise guest for the three-hour Cardio Tennis Kids session. House spoke with the group of kids and coaches about his experiences on Biggest Loser and his challenges with weight over the years. “Patrick was introduced to Cardio Tennis during the Biggest Loser taping,” Krause says, “and I could tell right off the bat he understood how the program could help fight obesity in adults and kids.” House then joined the kids and coaches on court for the live presentation of Cardio Tennis Kids.

Members of the National Cardio Tennis Speaker’s team also received high acclaim at the PTR’s Awards presentation on Tuesday morning. Taking home the “TIA Industry Excellence” Award was Lance Andersen of Longfellow Racquet Club in Massachusetts. Whitney Kraft, Director of Tennis at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York was presented with the “Facility of the Year” Award. “Michigan Pro of the Year” went to the shootout champion Adam Ford of Hope Tennis Center. “Pro of the Year” was awarded to Butch Staples of Midtown Tennis Chicago.

“This was one of our most successful industry conferences and I want to thank everyone who attended morning workouts and our sessions. Without the support of the fabulous PTR pros around the country Cardio Tennis would not be as successful and growing as it is. I look forward to this event every year and it always surprises me how each year tops the previous one,” added Krause.