Djokovic Answers Questions on Facebook

March 11, 2011

Novak Djokovic took time out of his busy schedule in Indian Wells, CA to sit down and answer questions for his biggest fans. People were encouraged to post their questions on the HEAD Tennis Facebook page for the past week to find out more about Djokovic.

Click to watch and find out why Djokovic bounces the ball 20 times before he serves, where he keeps his Australian Open trophy, how he got involved in the music video “Hello” and more!

Also, photos have been circulating on the HEAD Tennis Facebook page about playing tennis on an airplane (see below). HEAD talked with Novak and he’s actually going to do it! He said, “Guys, I gave it a bit of thought and I’ve decided that if you’re serious about this, I’ll definitely give it a shot. Hope you can live with the guilt if there is no more Novak after this stunt.” Stay tuned on to see if Novak takes on the challenge.