Tennis Across America’s honorary co-chairs

March 29, 2011

The USPTA, which announced the One-Clinic Challenge for its 2011 Tennis Across America events, has received an outpouring of support from several honorary co-chairs and health and fitness industry partners. Honorary co-chairs confirmed for this year include former President George H.W. Bush; TV analysts Cliff Drysdale and Patrick McEnroe; former touring professionals Todd Martin, Emilio Sanchez Vicario and Tony Trabert; Pam Shriver, TV analyst and former touring professional; world-renowned tennis coach and Master Professional Rick Macci; and author, speaker and Master Professional Peter Burwash.

Many companies in the health and fitness arena that are leading the charge in shaping a healthy America and battling the national obesity epidemic — specifically, childhood obesity — support USPTA’s efforts, including:

Since May is also National Physical Fitness Month and Mental Health Month, it is truly a national platform for health and fitness and one supported by all the companies listed above. They clearly see the potential impact that pairing Tennis Across America with Tennis — for the health of it! can have on helping to turn this health crisis around.

The USPTA is encouraging every member to run at least one Tennis Across America event to help spread the word that obesity is now an epidemic, especially with today’s youth devoting more time to computers and other technology than to exercise. In addition, it provides the opportunity to focus on the long-range health benefits of developing a habit of being active through tennis from early childhood.

Events can take many forms leading up to May 14 (Tennis Across America Day), including:

By issuing the One-Clinic Challenge for 2011, the USPTA would like to demonstrate that each of its 15,000 members can make a difference through tennis by holding one TAA clinic for one hour.

To find a TAA clinic in your area or tools and resources on ideas for your TAA events, visit