Babolat celebrates Roland Garros return

May 22, 2011

Rafael Nadal, Kim Clijsters, Na Li, and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. All the grand champions responded to the invitation from Babolat, who today celebrated its return to Roland-Garros as official supplier, 24 years after having been the official stringer of the tournament.

To mark this occasion, Babolat assembled, for the first time in its history, players from its professional team and juniors. No fewer than 60 legendary players including the winner of the 2010 French Open—Rafael Nadal posed alongside Jean Gachassin, President of the French Tennis Federation and Eric Babolat, CEO of the eponymous brand.


Eric Babolat, CEO of Babolat, Jean Gachassin, President of the French Federation of Tennis, employees, and players of the team Babolat at Roland-Garros.

Eric Babolat also lent a “stringing” hand in the Babolab. Accompanied by six esteemed stringers in the world of tennis, the CEO paid tribute to the stringing industry recalling his early days on the Babolat stringing team. The work of stringers is in fact very important as the strings count for 50% of the racquet’s performance.

During the fortnight, Babolat is providing stringing service for all tournament players. Sixteen stringers, selected from among thousands in the world, will touch over 3,500 racquets and use 42,000 meters of string over the course of the tournament! The inventor of the tennis string will also demonstrate its expertise to the public in the new RG Lab 2050 entertainment area during the tournament.


Eric Babolat and the stringing team at Roland-Garros

Babolat also invited 150 employees, who came from around the world, to share in this exceptional moment backstage at Roland-Garros.