PTCA is ready to launch

May 6, 2011

The Professional Tennis Coaches Association (PTCA) would like to invite you to its official launch in Paris.


We are aware of all your busy schedules and the virtual impossibility to bring all of us together at the same time and at the same place. That is why we have defined a meeting calendar which hopefully will give all of you an opportunity to get first hand information and engage in this initiative.

In Paris we will hold three meetings between May 20 and May 23, 2011.

On Friday, May 20, at 18.00 we will have the President’s Inaugural Information Meeting, providing a detailed overview on where we stand today and what our goals for the foreseeable future are.

On Sunday 22, at 18.00, for those who cannot attend the meeting on May 20, there will be a second Special Information Meeting to offer an additional opportunity for you to be informed about the PTCA and its objectives.

Finally, on Monday, May 23, at 12.30 we will have the Official Launch Meeting in the presence of the president and the first vice president of the PTCA.

We are currently sorting out a convenient venue for these meetings within the Roland Garros facilities and will announce the venue for each meeting in a subsequent mailing and on the PTCA’s official website. So please look out for further announcements at

We look forward to meeting you in Paris for this milestone event for our profession and the entire tennis sport.

About the PTCA

PTCA is a private, non-profit NGO (non-governal organization) founded by world class ATP and WTA Coaches in 2011. PTCA register and certify its members in special areas of skills like coaching, sports medicine and fitness training. Members of the PTCA have to fulfill high demands, which mean that just all diplomas but also life experience will be controlled, sorted and diversified. In special cases high level coaching professionals can get admission to our association due to exceptional national and international achievements as a “special exempt” without necessary fulfilling all basic criteria.

PTCA was established to provide a platform for professional touring coaches to advance skills by facilitating organizational tools, resources, high quality benefits, services, advocacy, additional income, and representation improving the life of the coach and in turn, improving the performance of the players each coach represents. Our mission and goal became extended and broader when federation and association coaches expressed their need for such an organization as well. Today PTCA are organized in different units which divides the members in registered, certified and master members.

Our two main offices are for the moment sited in Seefeld-Austria and in Luxemburg. The establishment of PTCA is for the moment under construction in Luxemburg. We are hoping that we can welcome other offices in the near future.

PTCA welcome other organizations to join our program as an official subdivision and partner helping coaching tennis professionals become better and even more serious in their daily work. Please look under PTCA-Academy and “Accreditation” what the demands will be for a membership.

Our organization is supposed to be built on responsibility, discipline, awareness, performance, and sound feeling of criticism thinking. Our members posses the possibility to organize themselves and are welcome to express ideas and take initiative within the PTCA-structure.

We are aiming at being the world leading organization for tennis coaches and academies/associations and to be the partner for all these great coaches and academies to the ITF, WTA, and ATP. Our programs should get accepted and acknowledged of official associations and legal authorities as a base to continue other programs. The main goal though is that all students of our members should stay in tennis and develop the game of tomorrow.