Dunlop Squash harnesses the power of nature

June 10, 2011

GREENVILLE, SC — Dunlop, the world’s number one squash brand, today announced seven new rackets incorporating the evolutionary design process known as Biomimetics. Biomimetics means to ‘imitate life,’ and in this case, Dunlop has taken evolutionary design aspects from the shark, bee and gecko to design and develop its new line of squash rackets. The new frames hit stores in June/July, but Dunlop Tour Team members have already put them in play.

Here’s a breakdown of each racket:

Biomimetic Ultimate

The Ultimate features:

The Biomimetic Ultimate is ideal for players seeking a head light pro player frame. Its dense 16×19 string pattern, widened throat area and long handle give the racket ultimate feel and control. Couple this with an oversized head and you have a racket that delivers maximum power. The Biomimetic Ultimate is Amr Shabana’s racket of choice.

Biomimetic Evolution 130

The Biomimetic Evolution 130 features:

The Biomimetic Evolution 130 delivers a teardrop design for enhanced power, but still maintains torsional stability through a small bridge in the throat area. This frame provides the lightweight power of a teardrop head but the control of a traditional head shape. The Biomimetic Evolution 130 is World Number 1 Nick Matthew’s racket of choice.

Biomimetic Elite

The Biomimetic Elite features:

The Biomimetic Elite is ideal for players seeking a head light pro player frame. It has a widened throat area and long handle for feel and control, and offers a more open 14×19 string pattern, delivering unbeatable power. The Biomimetic Elite is Gregory Gaultier’s racket of choice.

Biomimetic Max

The Biomimetic Max features:

The Biomimetic Max is an ideal racket for players looking for pure power. Its lightweight feel, and the absence of a bridge make it extremely maneuverable and quick on the ball. The Powermax string pattern further enhances the Max with an enlarged sweetspot delivering more forgiveness on off center shots. The Biomimetic Max is World Number 2 Ramy Ashour’s racket of choice.

Biomimetic Pro GT-X 140

The Biomimetic Pro GT-X 140 features:

The Biomimetic Pro GT-X 140 features Dunlop’s legendary pro player mold, designed to offer ultimate control. This maneuverable, head light model uses its 140 grams of weight to give players a solid feel on the ball, capable of generating powerful, precise shots. The Biomimetic Max is Borja Golan’s racket of choice.

Biomimetic Evolution 120

The Biomimetic Evolution 120 features:

The Evolution 120 delivers the power from a tear drop head geometry and reduced torsional twist as a result of the small throat bridge. The weight and balance have been fine tuned by Dunlop’s leading female pro players to deliver the playing characteristics demanded by women at the top of their game. The Biomimetic Evolution 120 is the racket of choice for Alison Waters, Sarah Kippax and Madeline Perry.

Biomimetic Pro GT-X 130

The Biomimetic Pro GT-X 130 is designed for players looking for a lighter feel in Dunlop’s legendary pro player mold. This is the most widely used racket on the PSA World Tour. The Biomimetic Pro GT-X 130 is Stewart Boswell’s racket of choice.

Steve Hall, Director of Marketing for Dunlop Racket Sports, said, “Each of the new squash rackets showcases the performance benefits Biomimetic design can provide. Not only do the technologies provide quantifiable improvements, but you can feel the difference on every shot. Available later this month, we’re looking forward to having consumers experience the next phase of cutting edge rackets from the world’s number one squash brand.”