Nadal Shares Secret Weapon

June 29, 2011

Advanced technology that strengthens your backhand, revs up your tennis game, and gives you a total-body workout. Top tier tennis pros Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams are using Power Plate® to place in world-renowned tours including the Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon.

When it comes to game day, Nadal and Williams swear by Power Plate Acceleration Training™ to help them strengthen their stroke and prevent injuries and soreness. Once the secret of the best PGA, NBA, NFL, and NHL pros, Power Plate has just introduced the my7™, a home version of their signature machine that now allows sports fans to train like the pros do. And, this brawny beast truly has a brain.

Loaded with over 1,000 exercises, coaching and educational videos all at your fingertips, the my7™ from Power Plate, the leader in whole body vibration technology, will debut at high-end retailers nationwide on July 4th. Pairing the power of Acceleration Training with a simple touch-screen interface and guided, sports-specific workouts (including tennis), the my7 is perfect for the sophisticated tennis players’ home gym. The my7’s iconic silhouette belies a “brain” that helps you select, personalize and save your workout while maximizing the benefits of each session according to fitness level and available time.

Power Plate works by stimulating the activation of more muscle fibers which means you get better results in less time. The Plate has also has been shown to help our bodies naturally secrete growth hormones, which allows us to gain strength faster, creating more power in our chosen sport. The tri-modal vibration unique to Power Plate equipment also causes the release of collagen for healthy joints and ligaments, while keeping body fat in check.

Tennis Workout

The my7’s Foundational Tennis training allows for more efficient movement preparation to improve your game — whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced-level Tennis Player. Benefits include: