ASBA Sees Record Number of Award Applicants

July 11, 2011

Ellicott City, MD — The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), the national organization for builders and suppliers of materials for athletic facilities, has announced an all-time high number of entrants in its annual awards program.

This year, members entered a total of 126 projects to the awards program, an increase from the previous high of 87.

The breakdown on this year’s projects includes (by category):

Tennis Courts:

Running Tracks:

Indoor Multi-Purpose Facilities: (school facilities, community centers, sports arenas, wellness centers, etc.): 4

Sports Fields:

Award winners will be notified in August, and formal announcement of winning projects will be made at the Technical Meeting in December.

Awards are given in each category to recognize facilities that exemplify excellence in design and construction. In addition, there are honors in the ‘Green’ competition, for athletic facilities that used the most eco-friendly design, construction and operating techniques.

In order to be eligible for an award, it must have been entered into the program by the ASBA member who designed or built the facility; facility owners were encouraged to be in touch with their builder or designer to urge them to enter. Also in order to be eligible for this round of awards, projects submitted must have been completed within the current year or within the previous two calendar years (ending Dec. 31). The deadline for entry was June 1, 2011.

For the first time, ASBA allowed entries to be submitted electronically. Presentation of award plaques is made at the Technical Meeting, to take place next December in Palm Desert, California.

Projects are scored individually based on considerations such as layout and design, site work, drainage, base construction, surface, amenities, innovation and overall impression. Winning entries are those whose cumulative scores meet or exceed the standard.

Information about ASBA or its awards program, including lists of previous award winners, can be obtained by going to, and from the toolbar at the top of the page, select “About Us” and then, using the drop-down menu, choose “Awards.”

The ASBA is a non-profit association helping designers, builders, owners, operators and users understand quality athletic facility construction. The Association sponsors informative meetings, publishes newsletters, books and technical construction guidelines, and keeps its members informed of the latest developments in the industry. For additional information on the ASBA, its publications, activities and upcoming meetings, contact the Association by phone at 866-501-ASBA, 410-730-9595, by fax at 410-730-8833, or electronically at or [email protected].