Gamma’s New Scor-Post Pro

July 27, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA — Gamma Sports (GAMMA) announces the Scor-Post® Pro, the next generation scoring device which replaces the discontinued Scor-Post®. The newly designed Scor-Post Pro is more durable than its predecessor, but maintains a similar appearance on court.

The Scor-Post was constructed of 3 pvc center pipes and two poly sheets that were folded in half and secured to the center pipes to create ball pockets. The Scor-Post Pro is a sturdier design, with an extruded center column, molded ball cups that can be individually replaced, and top and bottom caps that secure the center column and ball cups in place. The molded top cap has channels that support Scor-Post Name Cards.

“In addition to improving the structural design, The Scor-Post Pro appearance needed to be consistent for our customers,” said Tom Sullivan, Product Manager. “Side-by-side or across a court, the dimensions, colors, numbers and lettering are nearly identical.”

The Scor-Post Pro uses tennis balls to score matches with standard scoring allowing for 3 traditional sets or an 8-game pro set. The Scor-Post Pro ships with an all-metal support that attaches to the net post with quick release hose clamps for easy court change over (no tools needed). Scor-Post Name Cards, dry erase poly cards that identify players or teams, are sold separately.


The Scor-Post Pro will be available August 5, 2011 and retail for $69.95 USD.

U.S. Patent: 5,385,133