Top badminton players join Wilson

July 12, 2011

CHICAGO — A consistent force on the badminton circuit has experienced the benefits of Wilson’s BLX badminton racquets and made the switch to Wilson. Kyle Emerick and Sarun Vivatpatanakul have recently joined the Wilson Badminton Team and have signed a long-term agreement with Wilson Sporting Goods Co.

“I watched Kyle and Sarun play at the Wilson Boston Open and knew they would be a great addition to our WTEAM program,” said Terri Graham, US Business Director of Wilson Indoor Racquet Sports. “They both play with enthusiasm and excitement. It becomes contagious throughout the stands and we look forward to supporting them to future championships.”

Kyle will be playing with the Vertex BLX and Sarun will be using the Zonar BLX as they take to the court in US Open Grand Prix tournament in Orange County next month.