WTT Finals Weekend in Charleston

July 23, 2011

The Sacramento Capitals are the final team to qualify for the 2011 WTT Finals Weekend presented by GEICO. The Capitals defeated the Springfield Lasers 21-17 on Thursday evening to qualify as the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference. Sacramento will face off against the St. Louis Aces on Saturday, July 23 at 5p.m. ET at the Family Circle Tennis Center in Charleston, S.C.

Three of the four playoff spots were decided on the final night of the 2011 regular season. The St. Louis Aces posted a 23-15 win over the Kansas City Explorers to earn the top seed in the West. The Boston Lobsters overpowered the Newport Beach Breakers 22-14 to advance to Charleston, where they will take on the Washington Kastles for the Eastern Conference title.

Washington completed only the second undefeated regular season in WTT’s 36-year history with a 25-11 win over Philadelphia Freedoms on Thursday. The only other team to finish 14-0 during the regular season was the 1994 Newport Beach Dukes.

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Friday, July 22 – 7 p.m.: Eastern Conference Championship – #1 Washington Kastles (14-0) vs. #2 Boston Lobsters (7-7) — Live Video Streaming on

Saturday, July 23 – 5 p.m.: Western Conference Championship — #1 St. Louis Aces (8-6) vs. #2 Sacramento Capitals (8-6)

(Home teams in capital letters)

FINAL RESULTS – All matches complete:

WASHINGTON KASTLES def. Philadelphia Freedoms 25-11

Mixed Doubles – Leander PaesRennae Stubbs (Kastles) def. Liga DekmeijereNathan Healey (Freedoms) 5-2

Women’s Doubles – Arina RodionovaRennae Stubbs (Kastles) def. Liga DekmeijereBeatrice Capra (Freedoms) 5-1

Men’s Doubles – Leander PaesBobby Reynolds (Kastles) def. Nathan HealeyBrendan Evans (Freedoms) 5-3

Women’s Singles – Arina Rodionova (Kastles) def. Beatrice Capra (Freedoms) 5-3

Men’s Singles – Bobby Reynolds (Kastles) def. Brendan Evans (Freedoms) 5-2

ST LOUIS ACES def. Kansas City Explorers 23-15

Men’s Singles – Mark Philippoussis (Aces) def. Alex Kuznetsov (Explorers) 5-2

Women’s Singles – Varvara Lepchenko (Aces) def. Jarmila Gajdosova (Explorers) 5-3

Men’s Doubles – Alex KuznetsovRicardo Mello (Explorers) def. Mark PhilippoussisJean-Julien Rojer (Aces) 5-3

Women’s Doubles – Liezel HuberVarvara Lepchenko (Aces) def. Jarmila GajdosovaKveta Peschke (Explorers) 5-3

Mixed Doubles – Liezel HuberJean-Julien Rojer (Aces) def. Alex KuznetsovJarmila Gajdosova (Explorers) 5-2

Boston Lobsters def. NEWPORT BEACH BREAKERS 22-14

Men’s Singles – Lester Cook (Breakers) def. Jan-Michael Gambill (Lobsters) 5-2

Men’s Doubles – Jan-Michael GambillEric Butorac (Lobsters) def. Lester CookTravis Rettenmaier (Breakers) 5-2

Mixed Doubles – Eric ButoracCoco Vandeweghe (Lobsters) def. Travis RettenmaierMarie-Eve Pelletier (Breakers) 5-3

Women’s Doubles – Mashona WashingtonCoco Vandeweghe (Lobsters) def. Marie-Eve PelletierAnne Keothavong (Breakers) 5-1

Women’s Singles – Coco Vandeweghe (Lobsters) def. Anne Keothavong (Breakers) 5-3

SACRAMENTO CAPITALS def. Springfield Lasers 21-17

Men’s Singles – Dusan Vemic (Capitals) def. Greg A Jones (Lasers) 5-4

Women’s Doubles – Vania KingYasmin Schnack (Capitals) def. Carly GullicksonLilia Osterloh (Lasers) 5-0

Men’s Doubles – Greg A JonesRik De Voest (Lasers) def. Mark KnowlesDusan Vemic (Capitals) 5-4

Women’s Singles – Lilia Osterloh (Lasers) def. Vania King (Capitals) 5-2

Mixed Doubles – Vania KingMark Knowles (Capitals) def. Carly GullicksonRik De Voest (Lasers) 5-3


Eastern Conference MP W L PCT MB

y – Washington Kastles 14 14 0 1.000 —

x – Boston Lobsters 14 7 7 0.500 7

New York Sportimes 14 7 7 0.500 7

Philadelphia Freedoms 14 3 11 0.214 11

Western Conference MP W L PCT MB

y – St Louis Aces 14 8 6 0.571 —

x – Sacramento Capitals 14 8 6 0.571 —

Kansas City Explorers 14 8 6 0.571 —

Newport Beach Breakers 14 4 10 0.286 4

Springfield Lasers 14 4 10 0.286 4

x = Clinched playoff spot

y = Clinched #1 seed for Conference Championship

Next Matches: 7/22/2011

Eastern Conference Finals: Boston Lobsters @ WASHINGTON KASTLES, 7:00 PM (EDT) at Family Circle Tennis Center in Charleston, S.C.

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