About Dunlop’s Biomimetic Technology

August 17, 2011

GREENVILLE, SC — Biomimetics means to ‘imitate life,’ and each of Dunlop’s Biomimetic rackets do just that — they draw their key design features from some of nature’s most evolved creatures: the shark, the bee, and the gecko.

The three technologies that fall under the Biomimetic umbrella are: Aeroskin: The patented technology strategically applied to the surface of Biomimetic rackets. Like the skin of a shark, Aeroskin features tiny riblets that reduce aerodynamic drag by up to 25% for increased racket head speed and power.

HM6 Carbon: A newly designed carbon compound that mimics the hexagonal structure of a honeycomb, one of nature’s strongest and most efficient structures. The HM6 carbon is placed between Aerogel*- enhanced carbon to reduce racket vibration by up to 10% for ultimate energy return and feel. (See image below.)

Gecko-Tac: The name given to Dunlop’s new grip surface treatment. Much like the pads found on a gecko’s feet, which can cling upside down to even wet surfaces, Gecko-Tac grip provides up to 50% more grip and tack than previous Dunlop grips, giving players greater feel and precision with their racket.