TIA, US Tennis Writers’ Ass’n Join Forces

August 16, 2011

The Tennis Industry Association has aligned with the U.S. Tennis Writers’ Association to bring expanded member benefits, services and research to the tennis media segment of the industry. In an agreement announced today, all current USTWA members can now receive a complimentary TIA Industry Membership.

The TIA Industry Membership, a $100 value, includes TIA research reports (State of the Industry Report, Physical Activity Council Report, and Tennis Participation Study), TIA affinity benefits (insurance discounts, shipping discounts, publication discounts, industry newsletters), a searchable listing on TIA websites, and exclusives on select industry news releases and data.

“We look forward to working more closely with the USTWA and its members to help build greater awareness of the tennis industry’s news and of efforts to grow this sport,” says TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer. “With TIA research and information, we can regularly keep USTWA members up to date on industry highlights, facts and figures that all media channels will find appealing. USTWA members will have access to key information that will help in developing compelling stories about tennis at all levels, from recreational play to the professional tours.”

“This will be a great benefit for our members,” says Art Spander, president of the USTWA. “TIA resources and information will help add life and bring unique angles to tennis stories for both the tennis industry and for general consumers. The wealth of information and data that the TIA has will help us continue to spread the word about tennis.”

“We recognize and appreciate the importance of the USTWA and its talented members, who work hard on a daily basis to keep tennis fresh in the minds of consumers, players and fans,” adds de Boer. “The TIA is about promoting tennis, fostering increased participation, and growing and developing this sport and business, and the USTWA is an important part of these goals.”

The TIA’s mission is to promote the growth and economic vitality of tennis, and to increase tennis participation through the support of grow-the-game activities by working closely with the U.S. Tennis Association and industry partners. For more information, visit and