Transform into a champion: Train on clay

August 31, 2011

Charlottesville, Va. — Lee Tennis Court Products announced it has changed its name to Har-Tru Sports, and that it has launched a bold new virtual presence,, to launch the new name.

The Har-Tru brand is well respected and revered as a premier product amongst tennis players, the tennis industry, and tennis enthusiasts all around the world. Har-Tru Sports believes in the power of its Har-Tru brand of clay courts; with eight out of the top ten ranked players in the world having trained on clay courts, the company stands behind the fact that more champions train on clay.

Har-Tru Sports is aiming to equip juniors and avid tennis players with innovative products, expertise and opportunities that result in wins; wins for the players, the pros, and the club managers and owners. Har-Tru believes champions are born when players train and compete on clay court surfaces.

Har-Tru Sports has introduced various products to promote the development of junior players, most recently launching temporary 10 & under tennis lines designed specifically to allow facilities to quickly and easily put down lines for training 10 & under players and running 10 & under tournaments.

Randy Futty, general manager of Har-Tru Sports, noted, “We are fanatical about tennis and feel we have a responsibility to take a leadership role on sharing the benefits of playing on clay, especially with those who share our competitive spirit.” Futty added. “Our goal is to help players worldwide develop into champions by training and playing on clay, and maximizing our customers’ potential through innovative products.”

Clay courts have served as a training surface to an astounding 88% of male players who have reached the top 10 in the world since rankings were kept. In addition to the majority of leading world tennis pros crafting their game on clay, juniors are increasingly training on clay. As a result, they become more well-rounded players. Playing on clay requires patience and strategy. Clay courts are a slower playing surface and the player has to be more strategic in setting up points.

Pat Hanssen, a former pro and director of sales and marketing at Har-Tru Sports, said, “Players develop better habits and techniques by training on clay. The surface simply forces them to play smarter. .” Clay courts give players an edge that transforms them into champions. “With our goal being to develop champions, Har-Tru aims to develop products that make clay court ownership easier and make clay courts more accessible to the masses.”

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