Dunlop: Official ball of StreetSquash

September 27, 2011

GREENVILLE, SC — Dunlop today announced it will become the official squash ball of the renowned Harlem based urban youth program StreetSquash. This multi-year agreement between the leading squash brand in the world and the decade old, ever-growing youth development program begins this Fall when Dunlop squash balls will be the only balls used at the StreetSquash courts located on 115th St. in Harlem.

“The StreetSquash program is exemplary in many ways,” said Steve Hall, Director of Marketing for Dunlop Racket Sports. “Using the sport of squash as a catalyst to promote positive personal development, academic excellence and a healthy lifestyle to urban youth is such a positive initiative. As the leading brand in squash, we are happy to play a part in the process of developing these great kids into scholar athletes and community members.”

“StreetSquash is thrilled to team up with Dunlop as we work together to introduce the game of squash to hundreds of Harlem public school students every year. Dunlop has been a long time supporter of our work, and we are deeply grateful that they have taken their commitment to another level. All StreetSquash students, from beginners to high-level collegiate athletes, will benefit from Dunlop Squash and their generosity,” said George Polsky, the executive director of StreetSquash.