Dunlop unleashes Biomimetic 700

September 20, 2011

GREENVILLE, SC — Dunlop today announced the introduction of its most technologically advanced racket ever, the Biomimetic 700. Aimed at players looking for a frame that’s both powerful and comfortable, the 700 uses all of Dunlop’s Biomimetic technologies, plus an advanced grommet system only it possesses. “Overall, this is the most advanced frame we’ve ever created.

It’s absolutely loaded with technology aimed directly at providing players a very powerful, yet comfortable and maneuverable frame,” says Hunter Hines, Tennis Product Manager for Dunlop Sports Group Americas.

Anti-Friction Grommets (AFG) make up the second part of the 700’s grommet system. AFG allows the strings greater freedom of movement by minimizing their contact points with the grommet itself. This Biomimetic concept is based on the sandfish skink, an animal which has the ability to ‘swim’ through sand due to the formation of its miniature scales. Similarly, the AFG grommet system comprises a series of small ridges in each grommet designed so the string comes into contact with the ridges, rather than the entire grommet bed as in other rackets. By solely touching the ridges, string/grommet contact is significantly reduced, resulting in more string movement and greater power and spin for the player.

The most easily visibly design characteristic of the 700 is its Anatomic Construction. This is a Biomimetic technology based on the study of particular bone structures and how they support weight and resist twisting and deformation. The design can be seen in the base of the racket’s throat, where it inverts and extends downward towards the base of the racket. “Anatomic Construction is all about minimizing torsion and instability,” said Hines, “When combined with the HM6 Carbon in the throat, it gives players the most stable and comfortable feel ever in a Dunlop racket.”

Similar to the 400 Series frames, the 700 has a TruOval head shape, which increases the amount of spin it can generate. “This TruOval design gives players up to an additional 5% of string bed to spin the ball from,” said Hines. “Five percent might not sound like a tremendous amount, but when the match is on the line, it can certainly come in handy.”

Here’s a breakdown of the 700, which will be available October 15th:

Biomimetic 700

An ideal racket for beginner to intermediate players, the 700 features: