Penn launches new Marathon ball

October 17, 2011

PHOENIX — Penn introduces its new Pro Penn Marathon tennis ball, which offers greater longevity, durability and visibility to all tennis players. Pro Penn Marathon features Encore Technology™ for a 22% longer lasting core and high tenacity LongPlay® Felt for extended play. These innovations take this popular, tournament-quality ball and make it even more technologically advanced and beneficial for tennis players of all skill levels.

Encore Technology™ is a core compound in Pro Penn Marathon that maximizes longer-lasting playing properties. By using a proprietary blend of natural and man-made polymers, ball softening is limited. The core stays fresher longer and therefore “plays like new” longer. Pro Penn Marathon has a 22% longer lasting core compared to Penn’s original Pro Penn+ tennis ball, making Pro Penn Marathon Penn’s most durable ball on the market.

In addition, new Pro Penn Marathon features LongPlay® Felt for the ultimate in durability and visibility. LongPlay® Felt is a blend of premium wool and high tenacity fibers which gives these balls the perfect combination of endurance and playability. And the Smart Optik® treatment in the felt keeps the balls cleaner on the court, picking up less dirt particles and making the felt highly visible for longer periods of time.

“Penn continues to lead the market in innovation with the introduction of the new Pro Penn Marathon. Our ultimate goal is to offer all tennis players, regardless of their playing style, a ball that will help them play their best tennis. Our new Pro Penn Marathon ball, with its enhanced durability, longevity and visibility, will contribute to the success and enjoyment by tennis players of all levels,” says Jeff Ratkovich, Senior Business Manager for Penn Tennis Balls.


Pro Penn has been the official ball of the USPTA for over 37 years, which is the longest running endorsement in tennis history. The new Pro Penn Marathon ball will be in tennis shops across the country starting January 2012. The Pro Penn Marathon ball will be offered in Extra-Duty (for hard courts), Regular-Duty (for soft courts) and Extra-Duty High Altitude.