Ashaway introduces ZyMax 65

January 12, 2012

Ashaway, RI — Ashaway Racket Strings has rounded out its ZyMax® family of Badminton strings with the introduction of ZyMax 65, billed as its most repulsive badminton string ever. Utilizing a combination of high-tech materials and a proprietary ZyWeaVe™ core construction, the new 22 gauge (0.65 mm) string maintains tension better and generates more repulsive power than other badminton strings on the market, according to the manufacturer.

“With ZyMax 65 we feel we’ve hit the sweet spot of the ZyMax line,” said Steve Crandall, Vice President of Marketing for Ashaway Racket Strings. “String preference is so individual, our intent was simply to offer players an additional choice—a string with a bit more durability than our ZyMax 62, and a bit more bite than the heavier ZyMax 67. But what we got was a string that actually outperforms both in terms of repulsive power. It’s really the best of both worlds.”

Repulsive power, Crandall explained, is akin to dynamic stiffness or dynamic response. It is defined as the rate and efficiency with which a string recovers from impact. Rate is simply the speed of response, while efficiency refers to the percent of energy returned to the shuttlecock. “To put it another way,” Crandall said, “all strings absorb a certain amount of the shuttlecock’s energy on impact. Thicker strings tend to absorb more energy simply because of their greater density. Being thinner and lighter, ZyMax 65 absorbs less energy, and hence has a higher efficiency of response. This, combined with its speed of response, yields ZyMax 65’s high repulsive power for smashes and drop shots.”

Key to the quick response of ZyMax 65 is the combination of high-tech core material and Ashaway’s proprietary ZyWeaVe™ core process technology that allows the production of lighter, stronger badminton strings than any yet produced. ZyMax 65 produces less elongation at professional stringing tensions and less creep. This means the string maintains tension and consistent maximum performance throughout its playing life.

In addition, ZyWeaVe technology allows Ashaway ZyMax strings to be strung at unusually high tensions, while their braided surfaces provide superior control. The result is exceptional playability and the crisp sound that badminton players want to hear. Ashaway recommends that ZyMax 65 be strung up to 30 lbs (13.5 Kgs) tension for best performance, power, and durability. ZyMax 65 is available in 33 Ft (10 M) sets and 660 Ft (200 M) reels in Optic Yellow, Ivory White, and Red.


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