Ashaway Introduces ZyMax MonoGut

January 23, 2012

Ashaway, RI — For years, tennis string manufacturers have been trying to reproduce the exceptional playing characteristics of natural gut. Now that goal may be in reach with the introduction of Zyex® MonoGut®, a new tennis string from Ashaway Racket Strings. According to early playtesters, the 16 gauge (1.27 mm), 100% Zyex monofilament string provides exceptional dynamic stiffness and gut-like playability, improved abrasion resistance, plus a surface design that minimizes string movement for better ball control.

“Like natural gut, our new Zyex MonoGut string retains tension better than any other synthetic material,” said Steve Crandall, Vice President of Ashaway Racket Strings. “It provides exceptional energy return — meaning power — and also, like gut, it remains soft at higher tensions, reducing impact shock. This adds to comfort and what we call ‘soft power.’ Zyex MonoGut contains no polyester. Its 100% Zyex monofilament construction maximizes abrasion resistance and enhances string life.”

The absence of polyester in Zyex MonoGut increases elongation and decreases stiffness, generating comfortable, soft power. Reports from early playtesters have been extremely positive, said Crandall, with comments like: “All-around playability is WAY higher than polyester,” “Juicy snap back,” and “Get results from more compact strokes,” being typical. No breakage problems have been reported, but several players raved: “Great power,” “Great spin,” and “Totally different sound when hitting than other monos.”

Zyex MonoGut is designed for players seeking both gut-like playability and superior durability in a solid monofilament string, as well as players using monofilament strings in hybrid stringing patterns. A natural gut-like tan in appearance, Zyex MonoGut is available in 40-ft (12 m) sets and 360-ft (110 m) reels. Recommended stringing tension is up to 60 lbs. (7 kgs).


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