GAMMA Ships RZR Racquet Line

February 14, 2012

Pittsburgh, PA — Gamma Sports (GAMMA) is now shipping the new GAMMA RZR racquet line (pronounced “razor”), quite possibly the fastest racquets on the market.

GAMMA’s Concept Design Team, Black Racquet Labs, researched and developed the RZR racquet line featuring RZR Advanced Aerodynamics. RZR Advanced Aerodynamics allows the RZR to minimize drag making it fast on any shot from any angle. Players of all ability levels can now achieve higher racquet head speeds and generate more spin, pace and depth on every shot.

RZR Advanced Aerodynamics is the set of unique design characteristics that allow each RZR racquet to channel and displace air allowing more acceleration and speed in the natural swing.

Materials and Processing are key to maintaining optimal performance and feel for the RZR frames without sacrificing aerodynamic effectiveness.

MCARBON — A composite matrix that increases strength throughout the RZR frame. The result is an optimal combination of stiffness and flexibility that offers maximum power transfer on all shots.

Minimized Voids — RZR frames are made using a process that removes entrapped air from the composite matrix to minimize voids between the fiber layers that can fatigue the structure. Minimizing voids result in maximum frame durability and a solid, comfortable feel over the life of the racquet.

Multi-Directional Layering — Carbon sheets are layered in pre-calculated directions to precisely control the fiber angle in each area of the RZR frame. This ensures optimum strength and stiffness throughout the racquet.

RZR Pricing & Availability

RZR racquets are currently shipping from tennis distributors. Select tennis specialty shops in the U.S. are taking pre-orders now and will have RZR racquets available March 1, 2012.

RZR Specifications


Designed with the serious player in mind. The RZR 98T weighs in at nearly 12 oz. This is the racquet of choice for players wanting to hit deep penetrating groundstrokes and big serves.

RZR 98

Built for players who like a 98 headsize but want more racquet speed. The RZR 98 is an ideal racquet for the up and coming junior player or the adult player who prefers a lighter more maneuverable frame.

RZR 100T

Built for players who want to punish every ball they hit from anywhere on the court, the RZR 100T has just enough bulk for deep heavy groundies and big boomimg serves.

RZR 100

The RZR 100 has all the power of the RZR 100T with added feel and speed. Great selection for players who desire more racquet speed to hit explosive shots with more spin.

RZR 110

This lightweight frame offers the perfect blend of power and control. The RZR 110 has a sleek aerodynamic shape that slices through the air with ease for greater comfort and feel.


GAMMA is celebrating their 40th year in business by rebranding the company and reinventing the way they concept and design products. Over the life of the company, GAMMA has developed a strong reputation as the industry leader in the development of performance processed tennis string. GAMMA has established an product concept team, “Black Racquet Labs,” tasked with exploring product concepts. The initial project resulted in a highly aerodynamic line of racquets known as RZR (pronounced “razor”). GAMMA markets and sells an entire line of over 5,000 products including GAMMA racquets, string, racquet accessories, tennis balls, grips and overgrips, vibration dampeners, BallhopperĀ® products, court equipment, and 10 and & Under Tennis (Tennis 10’s) teaching aids, all engineered to the GAMMA quality standards.