Townsend Provides Look at Future

February 6, 2012

Bordentown, NJ — Late last month, the eyes of the tennis world focused on the current top players battling for one of the sports most coveted prizes. However, a less-followed story was taking place on the outer courts in Melbourne and shedding light on the future of the sport and what fans can expect to see from athletes in four to five years.

Taylor Townsend, an American junior tennis player originally from Atlanta, Georgia captured the 2012 Australian Open Junior Girls singles title at only 15 years old. In her left hand, the serve and volleyer wielded a tennis racquet with EXO3 technology — visible, large holes around the frame of the racquet engineered to allow the strings to move freely, therefore delivering better string and ball response even at the outer edges of the string bed.

Townsend is now the second consecutive young player to take home a junior Grand Slam title using the EXO3 racquet technology. Townsend, with her win, now sits as the No. 2 ranked junior girl in the world. In August 17 year old British youngster Oliver Golding took home the US Open Junior Boy’s title using an EXO3 racquet and in doing so shot up to the No. 2 ranked junior player in the world and started his journey as a pro.

Townsend has seen her game elevated since she first picked an EXO3 racquet two years ago. Explaining about why she uses EXO3 racquets Townsend said, “This technology allows me to do a lot more on shots that I am pulled out of position for — which is most of the time at our level – and has allowed me to win the four to five more points per set that many times are the difference between winning and losing. Since switching, my game has gone to a whole new level. It is amazing to watch the pros today, but I think that the game will only get faster, more athletic and require better technology designed to help us stay one step ahead.”


Golding started playing with Prince over three years ago and since then his results have been impressive. “I started playing with Prince when I was 15,” said now 18 year old Golding. “It has been a steady progression upwards with EXO3. Between the technology and the service and support Prince has given me every step of the way, there was only one company and technology that I could count on as I made the transition from juniors to the pros.”

Prince has a well documented history of delivering the most meaningful, visible and sustainable racquet design changes to the market — continuously pushing the bounds when it comes to performance. Prince invented the Oversize racquet, the Longbody racquet, introduced the first wide-spread, commercially accepted Graphite racquet and is now doing it again with EXO3.

The EXO3’s patented design eliminates response-strangling grommets to allow for ultimate string freedom. This allows all players, including those at the most elite level of the game, to do more on balls they hit off center. And the fact is, thousands of hours of high-speed, slow motion video show that all players, not just those beginning in the sport, hit the ball outside the center of the string bed on most shots.

And Golding and Townsend are not alone in discovering the performance enhancing benefits of these racquets. Today, in Europe alone, widely considered the center junior player development, there are more than eighty No. 1 ranked junior athletes in their respective countries and age groups arming themselves with EXO3. On the heels of Townsend and Golding are players such as Frederico Silva from Portugal, Anett Kontaveit from Estonia and Lucas Pouille from France — all using EXO3 racquet technology.

“These junior athletes are the next generation – poised to make their mark and Prince is committed to providing everything they need to make their journey to the top,” said Gordon Boggis, CEO of Prince Sports, Inc. “They represent the future champions and it is exciting to see so many adopting a technology built for tomorrow’s changing game.”

About Prince Sports, Inc.

Since 1970, Prince Sports, Inc, based in Bordentown, New Jersey, has been more than a racquet company, it has been an ally — equipping past, present and future champions with unique, performance enhancing products and support programs to help take their game to the next level. Prince is the only tennis brand solely committed to turning the next generation of committed, passionate tennis players into the next generation of champions.

Prince has enjoyed a history of cultivating champions and bringing to market the most important, game-changing technical product innovations of the last 40 years — including the invention of the first electronic ball machine, Oversize, Longbody and EXO3 racquet technology, the first “Natural Foot Shape” tennis shoe and the first multi-filament string. Prince patented technologies can also be found in leading performance brands in baseball, hockey, lacrosse, field hockey and archery. Prince Sports’ portfolio of brands includes Prince (tennis, squash and badminton), Ektelon (racquetball) and Viking (platform/paddle tennis). Its products are distributed in over 100 countries. For more information on Prince products, athletes and programs, please visit