L-TEC launches full-poly hybrids

March 4, 2012

ATLANTA — L-TEC Premium strings are the first line of tennis strings that have been designed and developed to specifically work together in unique hybrid combinations, so that players can enhance, as well as fine-tune the performance of their racquet.

Featuring a combination of uniquely designed and shaped poly-based strings and high performance synthetics – all engineered to work together as precision hybrids – the L-TEC brand is driven by the vision of helping players to “play better tennis.”

L-TEC is not bashful about being different. The strings have been specifically constructed to be strung at significantly lower tensions than normal. They produce optimal performance results when using a precision method of stringing known as the JET Method. Strung using this method, stringers and players will find the strings will only lose 2-4 pounds of tension in the first 6-10 hours of play. They will also notice the L-TEC strings resist notching, leading to an extended period of high performance play. The combination of advanced strings installed at lower tensions with a method to preserve elasticity allows players to generate much more pace, (100% controlled), with less physical effort, while providing an appreciatively high degree of comfort.

The L-TEC Premium line consists of 15 individual string offerings, 12 poly-based and 3 synthetic, that can be blended in a large variety of hybrid combinations to create exceptional performance for a wide range of playing styles. The strings are packaged in convenient spool lengths that are “hybrid-friendly” where customers and stringers will realize a discount of 20% – 30% off the retail set price. Stringers who use L-TEC in their retail businesses, clubs, schools and shops are eligible to receive additional discounts when purchasing in quantity. A full description for each of the individual L-TEC Premium strings and suggested hybrid combinations is available at

For stringers interested in learning more about the L-TEC Premium strings and JET Method of stringing, the USA Distributor, Guts and Glory Tennis, provides live interactive webinars to provide an overview and to address specific questions.